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Please join us for an informal discussion and exploration of 'Recovering a narrative of place: Stories in the time of climate change' by Tony Birch and an excerpt from 'Decolonizing Methodologies' by Linda Tuhiwai Smith. This is a relaxed reading group, aimed to be accessible and engaging. If you have not participated in a reading group before, do not worry: we will be sharing ideas in a supportive way, but there is no pressure to contribute


We will be hosting this reading group outdoors (location details below), on the ground. If you have specific access requirements please let us know (

Feel free to bring along your lunch, something to drink or a friend.


Text: we will be reading a personal essay by Tony Birch, 'Recovering a narrative of place; Stories in the time of climate change'. You can access the article for free here. We will also be reading a short excerpt from Linda Tuhiwai Smith's Decolonizing Methodologies, a copy of which will be emailed to you once you register for the event

Location: We will be set up by the banks of the Birrarung (Yarra River) on Peppercorn Lawn, in Alexandra Gardens (right near the corner of Southbank Promonade and the underpass of Princess Bridge. Entry to the lawn is via a small track/ramp off St. Kilda Rd, which is directly opposite to Hamer Hall. Nearest PTV is Flinders Street Station/tram stop (from which it is a short walk over Princes Bridge), directions here

Weather: We will go ahead regardless of the weather. We will try and remain outside as much as the weather will permit, but if need be we will move to a nearby indoor venue.

To book: please follow this link. This is a free event but please register via the eventbrite link so we can email you a copy of the reading material

Image credit: 'Anderson Street Bridge' by Mick Stanic via Flickr

Reading Place Vol. 1 is the first in a series of informal reading groups, all which embrace the concept of 'relaxed reading' and take place outdoors, occupying public space and connecting to the spatial subject of the text (the river, the street, the lawn...)

Please get in touch if you want to  suggest a text or location for our next reading group

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