Vol 2._ Text_ Safe White Spaces by Andy

Please join us for an informal discussion and exploration of 'Safe White Spaces' by by Andy Butler as part of RE/SET, an exhibition at RMIT First Site gallery. This is a relaxed reading group, aimed to be accessible and engaging. If you have not participated in a reading group before, do not worry: we will be sharing ideas in a supportive way, but there is no pressure to contribute


We will be hosting this reading group inside the gallery, on the ground and fold out stools. If you have specific access requirements please let us know (hellopublicstreet@gmail.com).

Feel free to bring along your lunch, something to drink or a friend.


Please note: This event is TEMPORARILY POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

Stay tuned for more details.


Reading Place Vol. 1 is the first in a series of informal reading groups, all which embrace the concept of 'relaxed reading' and take place outdoors, occupying public space and connecting to the spatial subject of the text (the river, the street, the lawn...)

Please get in touch if you want to  suggest a text or location for our next reading group